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'SoundzAmazing' - Reviewed by Marc DeSouza – M.U.M Magazine 2014

I attended my first magic convention in 1968 and saw the wonderful Swiss magician Piet Forton there. Piet did some incredible things where he could produce a number of sounds at will. When he showed the complex method I realized this was something I would never be able to acquire or use. Years later, Al Cohen put out AM Ink and this produced a truly magical effect of causing the sound of a radio to emanate from a drawing of a radio. I don’t know how many hundreds or thousands of units Al sold, but it was a very popular effect. Several improvements of the technical aspects of that effect have been marketed over the years, but none had the capabilities of Piet Forton’s apparatus…until now.

Noted British performer and creator Shahid Malik started a company call MagiGadgets that produced Instant Radio a number of years ago. It was an excellent version of AM Ink that was well made with a different “trigger” mechanism. He improved this with Instant Radio 2 and Instant Squeeker, another clever adaptation.

Now, with the introduction of SoundzAmazing, he has gone way beyond anything on the market and has most of the capabilities of Piet’s work. Spoiler Alert! Because of the nature of this product, I have to reveal to you exactly what it is so you can truly appreciate what you are getting. In the space of a small black plastic box approximately the same size as an iPhone 5, you have the means to perform AM Ink, but that is only the beginning. With the push of a button, it becomes a fully programmable sound machine allowing instant access to five different sounds of your own choosing. You can switch between any of those five sounds instantly and effortlessly; all it takes is the touch of a button.
Best of all, you can load any sounds you want into this little gizmo in five minutes or less with any home computer. Intrigued? Then read on.

First, the packaging is classy and beautiful. Housed in a box with a magnetic flap and custom cut foam are the unit itself, the special switch and the speaker. The switch is designed to go under your arm and is triggered by simply squeezing down with the arm. It is fully adjustable for comfort as well as sensitivity. The 3 watt speaker is about 2 inches in diameter and can be placed under your shirt or in your sleeve. It is quite unobtrusive in either location. There is an optional 5 watt powered speaker available if you are concerned with the sounds being heard in a noisy environment, but the quality of the standard speaker seems quite good and loud.

There is also an optional toe switch that I would heartily recommend. I am very accustomed to the arm switch, but the toe switch is even better. You can place it in your shoe and position it with the supplied Velcro or it works beautifully positioned on the side of your foot; just press your other foot against it and you get sound.
The directions are well written and laid out, photo illustrated and easy to follow. There are actually two sets of instructions, one for the Quick Set-Up and one for Performance and Presentations.

But, the best part of all are the extras on their website.

With the package you receive a special password for the User area of their website There you will find the instructions supplied in the box as well as instructions for several effects. This is also where additional ideas will be posted for the unit. And there is the Sound Library. Wow is this amazing! There is such an incredible variety of high quality sounds and music that can be easily downloaded on your computer and onto your SoundzAmazing unit. Things like a coin dropping into a glass (for an impromptu Copenetro), applause (in case you don’t get any), animal sounds, horns blowing, comic boings, slide whistles, neck crackers, watch winders, etc. You also get a variety of verbal card revelations, Disk Jockey intros of songs for predictions, spooky voices and sounds for haunted type effects and seances and lots more. You can also load on your own music to use as background for close-up shows.

This unit will hold 150 minutes of audio.You are supplied with several effects. The best of them fully utilizes the ability to quickly change sounds. You hand a CD to a spectator. There are five songs listed on the label. You ask them to name one. You take back the CD, run your finger around it and the selected song sounds like it is playing right out of the disk. This can immediately be repeated with a different song. How cool and you can customize the CD used and the songs. How? There are lots of them set-up and ready to go in the Sound Library.

This is a beautifully conceived and crafted tool with infinite possibilities. I think it is a no-brainer for children and family entertainers. Many performers are going to have a field day with this one.
Get yours and start thinking now. I think even Piet Forton is going to want one.

I give this my highest recommendation
............Marc DeSouza


'SoundzAmazing' - Reviewed by Peter Duffie – Magic Magazine 2014

Back in 2009, I reviewed Instant Radio, a gadget created by Shahid  Malik  that enabled you to seemingly produce live radio from any object you touched.  I liked Instant Radio, as it worked well and it certainly made audiences sit up and take notice.  Now, Malik has released a new device called SoundzAmazing that can not only produce phantom radio, it can produce any sound that exists!

Firstly, the packaging for SoundzAmazing  ‘looks amazing’.  When you open the box, it looks like the sort of gadget that James Bond might receive from Q, with each component snugly embedded in foam rubber. However, instead of a Walther PPK, we get our first glance at the SoundzAmazing kit in its full glory.  As eye-catching as it is, your audience will never see it. But they will hear it, even in a noisy environment.

You can easily put this device on in the morning and wear it all day. You’ll hardly know it’s there.  The main unit is much larger than the previous product, but I found no problem concealing it.  There is also a switch and a speaker.  The latter is best concealed in your sleeve. The device can be used with or without a jacket.  For me, a jacket offers the easiest means of accommodation.  I was up and running in minutes thanks to the quick set-up guide. The only thing that is not supplied is three AA batteries, because there are problems with sending batteries in the mail.

The unit comes with five sounds pre-loaded, so you can try it out immediately.  You also gain free access to hundreds of sound effects and music clips that can be downloaded from the Magigadgets website.  This data bank is being regularly updated.  All the files are mp3 format, and the procedure for downloading couldn’t be easier.  You can also create your own custom sounds.  The USB connector on the device is suitable for both Mac and PC.

The effects made possible with this device are only limited by your imagination.  For example, you hold a CD and choose a track.  Now you glide your finger around the disc, and the track magically plays.  Then you repeat this with another track.  Or you have a card chosen by a spectator.  Now you hold the deck to another spectator’s ear, and the deck whispers the identity of the chosen card, which the spectator announces to all.  Or you have a spectator select a piece of popular music.  You then turn on your radio to hear the DJ announce and play the chosen song.

I liked Malik’s Instant Radio, but SoundzAmazing is a giant leap forward and definitely worth checking out.  The price is good too........... Peter Duffie

'Instant Radio' - Reviewed by Peter Duffie – Magic Magazine

“We’d like to attribute some credit to a man we saw demonstrate a version of this effect many years ago and such was the impact, that we’ve never forgotten this wonderful effect and more importantly the incredible reaction from audiences. That man was Al Cohen – one of the nicest gentlemen and finest demonstrators in magic”.

It is good to see the above credit, not only on the supplied paperwork, but also in the website advertisement for Shahid Malik’s new effect, Instant Radio. The trick is definitely different. Anything held in the magician’s hands can be turned into a Radio: a deck of cards, a coin, a business card, a pen, a wallet – anything. But when handled by a spectator, the object is completely free of gimmickry.

Al Cohen’s original was called A.M Ink and was first marketed about thirty years ago. The problem with the Al Cohen model, which was a small transistor radio, was that it did not work well inside some buildings because the AM signal was difficult to pick up. Also, the activation switch was concealed in your shoe and was operated by your toe. So the set-up required a wire running down your leg and into your shoe.

Malik has devised a new technique that is quick and can be activated almost at will. This is a custom-made unit and is not merely an adapted Radio. The transmitter is very small and the whole rig takes about one minute to set up when you have a jacket on. You can wear the apparatus all day without it getting in your way, and if you keep the unit in standby mode, you are ready to go at any moment.

There is not danger of your accidentally triggering the Radio. Such mishaps are prevented by what Malik calls a ‘Cushionair Switch’. This switch is the key to the effect, and triggering it when necessary could not be simpler. Like the Cohen original, there is no visible movement when you trigger it. Another important element is the built-in automatic scanner in the Radio unit. As soon as you switch the unit on it instantly locates the strongest FM Radio channel. The volume can be adjusted and is surprisingly loud at its highest setting, and the sound really does seem like it is coming from your hands. Any object that you pick up and hold can appear to emit a Radio channel, and with the Cushionair on-off switch, you are in complete control of the sound. You receive 2 printed cards with a drawing of a Radio on them to get you started.

While this is designed to be performed wearing a jacket, it is not essential – as Rich Hennessey demonstrates in a short online video. Type ‘IR Casual Attire’ in the YouTube search box to view it yourself.

Everything you need to perform this is supplied, and the apparatus is fully adjustable to suit all body shapes and sizes. A nicely produced 12 page colour booklet explains everything in detail. The only items not include are 2 AAA batteries.
I don’t know how long Shahid Malik can continue to manufacture these units for the very low price of £28.00 (about $45). What’s more, he is currently offering a price break if you buy 2. Instant Radio is definitely worth checking out. It could make you an instant hit with your audiences.

'Instant Radio' - Reviewed by Mark Leveridge – Magicseen Magazine.

Magigadgets is a new business set up by illusionist Shahid Malik (our cover star from issue 8 May 2006) to market a small range of high tech gizmos for working magicians, and the first release to hit the market place is Instant Radio. In a nutshell this little piece of electronic wizardry will enable you to apparently turn any object into a portable Radio… pick up a matchbox and open it and your audience will hear music coming out of it… draw a picture of a Radio on a business card and switch it on, and it plays!... turn your Sponge balls into a Radio as Stephen Tucker did so memorably years ago… or even just cup your hands together and when the spectators place an ear to your hands they don’t hear the sea, they hear a Radio station!

The concept is not new of course, as an earlier version of this idea was around in the eighties. But with the advances in technology now available, Shahid has, by dint of a huge amount of research and development, managed to create a set up which is not only practical enough to actually use, but also reliable enough to work in nearly every venue and situation worldwide.

So what do you receive for your money? Well, first of all you get a miniature Radio receiver which will auto-tune to a local FM Radio station almost irrespective of where you are. Of course, it is just possible that you may be in a venue which suffers from poor reception or, very occasionally, no reception at all. But 99% of the time the little Radio receiver will very quickly find a Radio station. The receiver is not designed to be used as a Radio Walkman – the quality of the reception, while perfectly adequate for a quick on/off play, is not going to rival your Ipod – but in order to get the unit itself as small as possible, some compromises have to be made and you have to understand that you are buying a Magic accessory here and not a portable sound system!

As well as the Radio receive itself you also get a range of other bits and pieces which enable you to hook yourself up ready to perform. Shahid has put a lot of thought into making the set up as convenient and easy as possible – he knows that working magicians will not want something that is either complex or physically restricting. By exercising plenty of attention to detail he has done a very good job in this regard and as a result I believe that a very large number of those who purchase this will be sufficiently encouraged by what they receive to actually give it a go rather than just store it in the drawer.

To learn how to use Instant Radio you get a nicely produced 12 page glossy A5 sized instruction booklet which takes you through everything you need to know in great detail. Shahid is honest with the purchaser in explaining exactly what the product will and will not do, and he gives several ideas fro presentation angles too which will help you get going in performance.

Instant Radio has already been a hugely successful seller, and it’s easy to see why. It provides all working close-up magicians with a well thought out and commercial prop which enables them to create unusual and funny magical situations. The versatility of the potential presentations means that it can be used almost ad-lib when a suitable situation arises, and provided that as a performer you don’t overuse the idea with a group of spectators, the novelty and surprise that it generates will be hugely rewarding. And at the price, it is extremely good value, especially if, as I did you go for the offer to buy 2 sets at the one time.

What’s hot:
Fantastic prop which has been well thought out and engineered.
What’s not: You need self restraint not to use it all the time and over do it
because it’s such fun!
Star Rating: ***** (5 Stars)

Customer comments & reviews....

Hello friends: I have been having big fun with Instant Radio. IMO it is a gem.*** [I have no connection with the dealer other than being a satisfied purchaser].
Today my letter carrier met me on my driveway and handed me my mail..a single piece of letter size junk mail. On a whim, I said oh...the musical letter has arrived.
I wish you all could have seen his face when music eminated from said letter while it was held at the ends between my flat palms {no fingers}!
Here is a little fun demo clip using Instant Radio in...more casual attire (on YouTube) . Rich Hennessey (USA)

What they all said. If you like the idea of this effect, know that the equipment you receive is pro quality, thought out and mfg'd on a level that will make you happy. Well worth the cost for the effect. It's nice to see this amount of thinking and follow-thru in a magic product…………..TOM JORGENSON (Los Angeles. USA)

I got mine here in Texas faster than a lot of state-side mail! I haven't had a chance to work with my Instant Radio much but was also immediately impressed with the packaging and overall manufacturing. Real pro stuff. Can't believe what I got for such a low price.
If only all my magic purchases were like this one……….. Randy Clower (Texas - USA)

Simply put, it does what it says on the tin! I see this as the ideal attention grabbing ice-breaker. Great for restaurant or walkabout performance, and at a a rock bottom price….. DUSTY (UK)

Beaten to the review ,but have to say that this is an excellent item .An ideal ice-breaker or intro to a table for close-up. Considering the effort that must have gone into assembling the whole kit ( even down to an individual quality check on each unit ) ,the price is ridiculously low for such a well thought out set up.
Congratulations to Shahid on a wonderfully produced item ……….. Mark Thorold (UK)

Count me in. If the quality of your Instant Radio is anything like your signature "The Cardboard Box", it will be superb, well thought out and of highest quality.
I'm not much into illusion magic but your "The Cardboard Box" illusion left me speechless.
Best, ....................... Mike (Portland USA)

I have purchased Instant Radio in the last few weeks and have never come across a gadget like it for magic. Brilliant. Looking forward to further products. Cant wait........ Richard Sinnott (Ireland)

Hi Shahid, received the "Instant Radio" this morning and have already got it up and running. What a great piece of kit. Easy to set and instant response. Will be using mine for magic, but mostly for clown work. Really ideal for walk about indoors and out. Well done! Look forward to more "gadgets" from you in the future. Very best regards............ Robbin Salter (UK)

Just got my instant radio! Superb!
I'm amazed this is being offered at such a low price.
The packaging and design are first class, with very clear instructions.
For me this is the ideal addition to my walkabout routines. The beauty of Shahid's Instant Radio is that it is only limited by your imagination. Ideal as an impromptu, attention getting ice-breaker.
I can't recommend this highly enough. 10/10 !
And no I'm not on commission!!!!  ………… DUSTY (UK)

"This wonderful little unit has made the classic Al Cohen effect, utterly easy to set up and convenient to do.  And, the electronics are outstanding, utterly reliable.  This is just plain fun to play with and even more fun to perform.  And, it's priced way too low!  By the way, play with the set up because I almost never wear a jacket and I'm set up with this ready-to-go anytime.  Great item." ..............................  JOHN MENDOZA (USA)

“The reactions you get from this are truly amazing!” ...... Rich Hennessey (USA)

“Just got it and I LOVE it!!!”  - Simon Beckett (UK)

I just received mine last week and performed it two nights later for some folks in the radio industry at the National Association of Broadcasters convention. It was a huge hit. This product is very well made and does exactly what it was designed to do. I think it is a top notch product. Shahid has really thought of everything and is to be congratulated for a superb first release. I look forward to more.................... Marc DeSouza (USA)

Geoff Williams idea IS bulky compared to this.
Looking forward to get this. I too can't wait to play with it.................. Ivan (Malta)

I have this, I also have other electronic items that cost around five to fifteen times more and are of a lesser quality technically! I personally believe if anyone else had marketed this product, it would have been a treble figure pounds sterling price.
This package beats them all hands down, made by a pro, for a pro performer and I highly recommend you buy at least one!
When you buy, you will see the work that has gone into not only the product, but the packaging and instructions!
All very well thought out!
A superb product!..............NEIL WALKER (UK)

I received my INSTANTRADIO this week and I had to write you and let you know how pleased I am with it. It is GREAT! I have been doing magic for over 50 years and your creation has me more excited than any trick I have learned in the past several years. I can't wait to use it at my next performance. Thanks again for a terrific piece of magic.
Best wishes,
Chuck Sonenshein (USA)

I have just received my Instant Radio. I must say it is EXCELLENT, my type of gadget.
I tested it on a couple of my magician colleagues at our Magic club meeting last night, they too were impressed.
I can't wait to use it at a Wedding I am booked for next month. Thanks for a brilliant gimmick!.......................... John Scott (UK)

Instant Radio has proved to be a big 'impromptu' winner for me.Yesterday, I was checking out at the supermarket. I asked the girl if she had tried the new sound wave bologna. The expression on her face was priceless when music started coming from the bologna package. I'll probably never grow up. ……… Rich Hennessey (USA)

I have recently purchased from Shahid Malik's 'Magigadgets.com his 'Instant Radio'. This wonderful novel item allows the performer to apparently produce radio sounds from his/her BARE HANDS through the conduit of any object. Some of the credit for this item is attributed to Al Cohen, who marketed a similar item many years ago. However, advancements in modern micro technology has allowed Shahid to develop and enhance the effect and bring it bang up to date. Result: a much more reliable unit,
which creates a perfect illusion of the sound actually coming from the object you decide to use. In other words, anything you touch, press or squeeze instantly transforms into a radio! Two years development has resulted in a unit which shows meticulous attention to detail. The possibilities of this unit are limitless - a great 'ice-breaker' and one that your audience will not forget in a hurry! Shahid Malik REALLY CARES about his customers, a fact highlighted by the production of an excellent accompanying booklet and, the importance he places on customer feedback.
This item is the first of many which I'm sure will generate much excitement and enthusiasm among the magical fraternity for his future products. Very highly recommended!!!..... ……….. STEVE COOK (UK)

Hi guy's, just received my Instant Radio this morning (2 of them).
I' ve got already 2 different systems of this effect but this one kills them all.
You have to experiment a little with "switch on" button but after a while it will be easy I think. The system with the tooth switch from Geoff Williams works more easy than this system but the set up is so long and it's hard to walk with that one. So, in my opinion this is a sure winner and I will recommend this.
Just a little idea, use this effect as a closer for your walk around or close up act. It's a great closer I think and you can walk away leaving them stunned without questions like "where did that musique came from ?"
Another thing, don't do this effect 2 or 3 times for the same people, just do it and leave. Same theory as most other tricks... Great thinking Shahid and nice work.
Sorry for my poor English............. KENNY ART.

Yup, it just arrived. It's wonderful!
I just put it in a jacket and tried and am giggling like a schoolgirl about what fun this is going to be.
Operation is very simple and the tip on breathing in the instructions is a goody.
Thanks Shahid for making such a wonderful unit!............ DAMIAN JENNINGS (UK)

Seems like anytime you buy magic, you're a little disappointed with what you get. Not so with Instant Radio. Your product and service are both top notch.
Got mine yesterday, and I love this gadget. This may be the best magic value of 2009. I can't believe it doesn't sell for $80 - $90. A LOT of thought and engineering went into this effect. Thanks.......................... Jim Harris  (USA)

Now that I've got it up and running, I can tell you this thing is AWESOME. My vote for best effect of 2009 was Extreme Burn up until now, but now it's Instant Radio! I have a thumb tip in my pocket, so I have to give Instant Radio three thumbs up! ........... Jim Harris (USA)

Great product Shahid! I ordered two because I don't want to ever be without this! very magical!.................. Alton Knight. (USA)

I had mine on the entire day Saturday and it wasn't restricting at all with both hands empty. I like to do the basic presentation of pretending to grab some sound waves, cupping your hands, and then opening them so the music is produced. It certainly does sound like it's coming out of your hands. I've put a few smiles on people's faces with this gem............ Happy Joe (USA)

Hi Shahid
Just got the radio, I cant believe what I see! It's really a very very good product! Hope you will have more good invention. Best. ............... ANDY KO (USA)

I have received your Instant Radio. Amazing!....................... Jean Mars (Switzerland)

Hi Shahid
Yes I think it terrific I've got it all set up in my jacket ready for instant action, you've only got one problem with me though.I don't want anybody else around here to find out about it so I wont advertise it..yet ! Ha! Ha!  I hope you get lots of orders for this great  trick.Kind regards...................... Peter Pringle (UK)

I got mine here in Texas faster than a lot of state-side mail! I haven't had a chance to work with my Instant Radio much but was also immediately impressed with the packaging and overall manufacturing. Real pro stuff. Can't believe what I got for such a low price. If only all my magic purchases were like this one……….. Randy Clower (Texas - USA)




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