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I'm Shahid Malik and it's my pleasure to welcome you to Magigadgets.... your place on the web for Magicians Tricks, Gadgets & Gizmos for some great Magic!

I have spent my entire working life as a full-time performer of Magic & Illusion and have travelled the world performing Magic for over 25 years, along with my wife and assistant, Lisa. Together we have worked hard to achieve success and Magic has given us a wonderful life....

As well as our 'signature' routines (our award-winning Chandelier Act and our Cardboard Box Illusion) for which I am very widely known and requested, I'm also a triple world-record holder in the art of Escapology.... having been bitten by the bug many years ago after watching Tony Curtis in the film 'Houdini'.

Awarded ‘Magician of the Year’ * 3 Royal Command Performances
Global TV appearances * 3 times World Record holder
and now… featured on TV’s ‘Greatest Magic Tricks… Ever!’ (Jan 2012)

Our signature trick - the breath-taking ‘Cardboard Box Illusion’ was recently listed as the 5th greatest magic trick EVER!
We were honored to be placed 5th in Channel 5’s ‘50 Greatest Magic Tricks Ever’ - alongside Penn & Teller (1st.) David Copperfield (2nd.), Derren Brown (3rd.), Paul Daniels (4th.), Shahid Malik (5th), David Blaine, and other top magicians & illusionists from around the globe in a.mega 3 hour TV Special.

The 2 allied arts of Magic & Escapology combined have kept me very busy and occupied for many years.... I have a naturally inquisitive and inventive mind, as many of us do in Magic and I've always had the small stirring at the back of my mind to bring some great products to the table which are fun to use and that my fellow magicians will hopefully love as much as I do!

For me, the 'recreational' side of Magic should be fun - this is because my day-to-day working life is spent either performing, travelling, building equipment or designing specific one-off effects, both large and small for my many Corporate clients. So when I do have some free time, I'm still hooked on Magic but I want to have fun.... and this is the road I want to walk with you here at Magigadgets... great effects, nice novel ideas and most of all, because I'm a professional and need practicality and reliability, that's what I've designed for you too.

So, we began our journey with you with our very first product - 'INSTANT RADIO' which 'sold out' within a couple of months and received high praise from some of the world's top magicians and reviewers! Our second item was the 'ELECTRO-MAGIC SQUEEKER' - both have been well received by amateurs and professionals alike - globally!

Now (Oct 2013) we have just introduced our very latest - "SOUNDZAMAZING".
2 years of design and work have been invested into the preparation of this unique and exclusive utility/effect. We're proud to say that we feel we've achieved what we set out to provide for magicians around the world.
This is so verstaile and totally customisable - unlimited possibilities and uses!
We just know you're going to love it!
Try it - you'll giggle everytime you find a different use for it.

These are just the first of several nice ideas that I'll be introducing over the coming months. If I'm not on a stage working then I'll be putting in the hours working to bring you some great Magic.

Thanks so much for visiting Magigadgets - Lisa and I send you all our warmest regards.... and, whatever your interest in Magic.... enjoy!

for more info on 'the Magic, Illusion & Death Defying Escapes of Shahid Malik'

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